Asparagus with Bell Pepper

There are plenty of vegetable recipes on the net. Unfortunately even when they're not in some sort of cream saus or spiced up with lots of cheese, they will probably involve a lot of salt. I'm not 100% strictly salt-less but use it too much and you destroy your taste buds. Which is a real shame, as a lot of veggies have a great taste just by themselves. This recipe nicely combines those great tastes.

- 4 asparagus
- 1/2 a bell pepper
- 9 olives with garlic inside
- 2 handfulls of rucola-ish salad mix

First prepare the asparagus by peeling them and cutting off the ends. Lay them on baking paper, and arrange the pepper on top, in slices.
They need to be in there for about 15 minutes. Forgive me for not giving you a temperature or an exact time. I've included a picture of my silly little oven as the perfect excuse.

A good indicator of it being ready is the slight browning of the peppers, as you can see on this picture ->
Don't mind the tin foil, that's just the coalfish I had to go with it.

So once they're done, put them on a plate. Grab that salad and arrange it next to the asparagus. Toss on the garlic-olives and sprinkle it with some lemon juice. All done!

- Asparagus, 50 cents
- Bell pepper from the big batch of really cheap ones, ~15 cents
- Some salad(1/4 of a bag), ~25 cents
- Homemade garlic-olives, ~30 cents
- Coalfish, 35 cents

That's 1,55 including the fish. Not too bad. 1,20 for just the veggies, which you can ofcourse pair up with anything else you might fancy. Shall I share my cheap trick for making garlic-olives sometime?


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