Addition to my home gym

Even though my enthusiasm for fitness is still present, I haven't been diligently working on it. Sadly I have to report that I can't even do 10 push-ups anymore. My boyfriend on the other hand is more seriously working on this, so I've been making workouts for him. Because he does these workouts inside our tiny apartment it consists of prison style bodyweight exercises. I've even made him do pull-ups hanging by his fingertips from a doorframe!

Fortunately the fingertip hanging days are now over. We decided to get some equipment for our 'home gym'. As you can see in the picture, our first item is a doorbar for pull-ups. We were pleasantly surprised to find that it did not smash right through the door window and it didnt reduce the door to splinters either! As an added bonus you can make your sit ups easier with this thing and it's possible to do some sort of dips.

Incase anyone from the Netherlands is reading this; it was only 35 euros and we bought it from the tellsell website. Yes, I am a wee bit ashamed of that. I've watched tellsell commercials in moments of extreme boredom wondering whether people actually pick up the phone when the 'Order now and you'll get...' message come up, so it's a bit surprising to find myself one of their customers! But I'm glad I am.

If only I could actually do full pull-ups myself...


Jones said...

gewledig joh
maar wel een pro apparaat
ik ken 't,
heb zelf 2 gaten in mijn hal geslagen en daar een stang tussen gehangen
maar dit is natuurlijk veel mooier, en 35 eurie is geen drol
misschien kan je een x een post maken van de geschiedenis van jouw trainen
hoe lang, verandering samenstelling lichaamsbouw, wat je hebt bereikt ofzo door je training

Naomi said...

Hej Jones,
2 holes in your wall, that's hardcore!
I can't really tell you about the effect training has had on my body composition because I haven't been doing it for very long. For me it has mostly been nutrition I can tell you a lot about.
It's different for my bf.. perhaps if you ask very nicely he'll be willing to tell you about it ;)

Jaap van der Zand said...

Hey Jones,

Here the BF speaking :).
If u want to have any idea what i'm working on. I just started a small blog to track my progress, would be honored to show u a bit of my workouts. It will take some time to fill it with content tho :P

blog: crossfitjournal.wordpress.com
Gr Jaap.

The Paleo Diet said...

I just started training myself, the pull up bar is an addition as well.

Will be posting my results on my blog, I will link to you as soon as I set it up next week.

Good job, you are an inspiration for me to do this.


Bruce Thomas

Sandra Davis said...

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Brainna Mcslacker said...

Hay man,
What an idea! :-)
I wanted to get a home gyms in my house but I can't afford to buy really expensive equipment, so I started small and bought equipment like you suggested in the post.

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