Brussel sprouts with beef and apple

Even as a kid I liked brussel sprouts. It's probably because my mother didn't turn them into soggy little green balls... Now I have many recipes for brussel sprouts. This is one of them.

In the past I've only put recipes on this website that were a 100% paleo (before the tomato change anyway). No beans, dairy or salt. (Yet it wasn't always very low-carb).
But I've not been eating that strict for a long time, and it just doesn't make sense for me not to include the more primal style recipes I enjoy. After all, there are many people who would still find those useful! If you are very strict and 100% paleo, not to worry, there will still be plenty of that.
With every recipe from now on I'll mention any none-pure paleo ingredients. I'm sure you can make a good estimate of low-carbness yourselves ;)

Ingredients(for two):
- 200 gr beef slices
- 250 gr brussel sprouts, halves
- 1 firm, sour apple (breaburn)
- 80 ml sour cream
- butter
- nutmeg
- salt to taste and dietary beliefs ;)

Cut your apple into little chunks. Cook the brussel sprouts in water for 3 minutes, this is the most important bit because you really don't want to overcook them! In a frying pan brown your meat in butter, don't be stingy with the butter, it'll make the sauce yummy. When it's completely seared add the cooked sprouts. After another minute add the sour cream and the apple chunks. While that simmers for a minute or so finish it with nutmeg and some salt if you like. Enjoy :)

This is also very nice with bacon. But if you do use bacon do not add any salt!


Aaron Mittica said...

Brussel sprouts are the best and very healthy. We've been roasting them with salt and pepper and then adding some pancetta and sliced peccorino. It's all good stuff. Love the recipe!

Naomi said...

I had to google both those ingredients, but they look yumm :)

Margaret said...

What kind of beef did you use?

Naomi said...

To be honest, I just buy it in slices. I think my butcher uses rump steak or something similar. But anything that isn't too tough (ready in 5 to 10) should do.

Cheryl Capoocia said...

I just made this recipe for my family and everyone loved it! I added shredded red and sweet potatoes (with the skins on). I wasn't sure if the apple would go well with the mixture, but it did! Everything tasted really great together. This recipe is definitely a keeper!

Cheryl Capoocia said...
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