Meat for dinner, tomorrow's lunch and a snack.

Eggs is the easy go to food when you're looking for something easy to pack for lunch or to snack on. But they get boring. So here are 2 meat recipes that you can keep for a day or three and taste good cold or reheated. 99% paleo, because you don't want to go without the salt.

Soft 'n juicy chicken
- lots of chicken breasts
- salt
- herbs (any combination of paprika, curry, ginger, kurkuma, mustardseeds etc)
- something to cook in

First figure out how many chicken breasts you can fit in your oven and your oven-dish. Then find a frying pan that will hold the same amount. Cover every inch of the meat with salt and herbs. Heat up the frying pan and add your cooking fat. Lay your chicken breasts in long enough for them to develop a nice brown herby skin. Transfer them from the frying pan to your oven-dish and cover it with aluminium foil (that's what keeps it so soft 'n juicy). Leave them in the oven for 30 minutes at 170 degrees Celsius.

Eat them for dinner with some veggies on the side, put them in a big lunch salad the next day and eat a piece cold for a snack (with a slice of brie if you can tolerate it).

- minced beef (1kg)
- 2 eggs
- 1 cup almond meal
- 1 diced (red) onion
- salt, pepper, garlic & basil
- something to cook in (I'd prefer butter or ghee myself for this one, but coconut oil should do the trick)

Mix it all together. Roll the mixture into balls, however big you like them. Put them into one of those big pans you'd also use for stews or 5 hour cooking time type meat (I can't find what they're called). Roll them around a bit while they're getting ready, cooking time depends on the size of your balls (hihi) so just pry one open to find out whether they're done!

Have some for dinner, heat some up for lunch, heat some more up for a snack. They're so good and yummy fatty that they don't need nothin' on the side ;)


Orie said...

I love the "Pasta" Bowl. It's really great to see you posting again!

Alex J. said...

Roasting pan or Dutch oven?

SheZug said...

I'm so craving meat now, Thanks!

cavegirl_couture said...

the meatballs sounds heavenly right now.

Naomi said...

Orie, I thought that was unintentionally funny too :) Glad you dropped by!

Alex, I thought a dutch oven was a.. well.. an oven! Roasting pan is probably a good word.

Shezug, that's a really funny profile picture :)

Cavegirl, good to see another girl join the club!

Anonymous said...

Looks great (: Always wondered how to get it juicy...

Douglas Robb said...

One of the readers on my blog (Health Habits) is having trouble wrapping her brain around integrating Paleo eating into her student lifestyle.

She knows what she should do…she just doesn’t “think” she can do it.

One of her big stumbling blocks is lunch. I suggested she check out my fave Paleo food bloggers (yourself included)

During our discussion, I realized that she had raised a great question:

How does she “brown bag” her lunch “Paleo style”

What a perfect idea for a blog post.

And that is why I am contacting some of my favorite Paleo food bloggers to ask them that question:

How do you “brown bag” your lunch “Paleo style”?

If you are interested in participating, email me your ideas and I will include them in the article – with full credit going to you.

For your reference, I did a similar post last year on how to get fit and save money – http://www.healthhabits.ca/2009/03/26/how-to-get-fit-and-save-money/

jennifer said...

Looks great :) i love it

jennifer said...

Looks great:) i love it.


Anonymous said...

I think the word your looking for is cookie sheet. Although i could be very wrong.
Also a dutch oven is a cast iron pot with a dish like lid that is used for campfire cooking (the lid allows for coals to be placed on top as well as around the pot).
I dont neccesarily brown bag it but i do plastic container it (re-usable).
I think im gonna make those meatballs for dindin tonight :D

Anonymous said...

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Dave B said...

tried it, turned out a bit dry but otherwise delicious, nearly gave up on paleo until i found your blog and discovered just meat and veg can actually be exciting! will try next time in a tomato sauce for the extra juiciness :D

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