Mypaleokitchen goes dot com!

We're packing up and moving over to mypaleokitchen.com! I hope you'll change any bookmarks or RSS you might have and join me over there :) I'm very excited! It's a pretty new url and the new website gives me a lot of options for improvement. I'll stop talking, just go check it out!

I'll be posting over there from now on, so this space will not get updated any longer. All the old posts moved with me to the new site, I might do some tinkering with them (some of those old photo's are dead ugly), we'll see.

Thanks blogger for hosting me the past 2 years!


Kaetje said...

Got room for an extra blogger?

Naomi said...

Kaetje, I can't find your email address. Mail me at naomikooiker at gmail dot com?

Orie said...

Look's Great, Naomi!

Naomi said...

Thanks Orie :)

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felice said...

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petra said...

i started the paleodiet a few months ago, it's awesome, and i find that it's so much easier to stay on track. you don't want the sweets anymore.
i didnt have any recipes in the beginning. paleocookbook is very good, they have a few videos here on utube hhtp : / 3537eoisxvev-b1lg8kb4pfv2f.hop.clickbank.net/?tid=PALEOCOOKING

petra said...

sorry, spelled it wrong.

enjoy :] lots of awesome recipes

Liberty5-3000-Gaea said...


please check it out.

Anonymous said...

Hi Naomi,

Mypaleokitchen.com doesn't seem to be working. Where can I find you? Do you still blog about Paleo?
I myself are a student (in the Netherlands) and it is so hard sometimes to come up with new paleo recipes, especially with a student budget ;) You know what I am talking about!
Your blog is a great help, hope you are still following and writing about the Paleo diet!
Geef ons een teken van leven ;)

Brittney said...

The link wasn't working for me either

Samson said...

Hey naomi,

I just came across your blog through foodee and found two recipes i really liked (Broccoli & apple salad AND Zucchini summer soup) when i realised that you are living in oldenzaal.

I am living in Enschede (student myself) and would love to get in touch with paleo people in my are to share experience or cook together.

If you're interrested in getting in touch let me know.

greetings and keep the great recipes coming.


Powertips said...

Goodluck and expecting more food news about you!

Kip said...

Hi Naomi,

Mypaleokitchen.com doesn't seem to be working.

Caveman Home Companion said...

Keep blogging!

Naomi said...

For anyone reading this:
The link is not working because I took the site offline. Well actually I stopped paying for it, so the provider took it offline :P I've just been too busy and not interested enough in blogging. Since paleo went sorta mainstream there are hundreds of recipe blogs way better than mine anyway :)

Sure, I'd love to get in touch. Sorry i'm so late replying to this, I just never thought to check for comments :(
Please just send me an email, naomi kooiker @ gmail dot com. (without the spaces ofcourse)
There is even another student I know that lives in enschede and eats paleo.

WinterRose said...

Aw, I was looking forward to bookmarking another paleo recipe blog. :( Oh well...

The Paleo Diet said...

Very nice blog and good job on the new site

pole said...

It was about time! :)

paleo foods said...

Yes.. indeed ... good news! :) good luck on .come

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Anonymous said...

apparently not.

WinterRose said...

I was wondering if you were ever going to blog again, or if your .com would ever start up? I check every once in a while... but still nothing. :(

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Jillian said...


I have a quick question about your blog, do you think you could e-mail me?


Anonymous said...

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