Dinner with family

Ever since I started taking an interest in evolution based eating, my mother has been very supportive. Tonight I had dinner at her place, and it was such a nice example of how it can be combined with 'regular' diets, that I thought I'd make a post about it. So no actual recipe tonight, sorry!

This first picture on the right is a fruit salad for me (pomegranate, appel, banana & orange if I remember correctly) and the others had chocolate creamy stuff to go with it. They all really enjoyed it. Doesn't make me feel deprived either, because my mother's fruit salads are always so insanely good.

As you can see here by this huge bowl my mother uses for making salad, she always tries to make sure I don't have to eat for 3 days straight :)
She always makes lovely salad, this time with red cabbage, onion, carrots & pointed cabbage. Just olive oil and lemon juice for dressing. Honestly that works with almost everything!

She also made plain cooked brussel sprouts, which I ate almost all by myself. Love them, which she ofcourse knows, my mother really is a star.

In the picture above you can also see the chicken bones from the oven dish of potatoes, chicken and little green peas. (She forgets I'd rather not eat beans/peas, and I'm not about to complain.) The others have the potatoes to satisfy them, and a lovely flat turkish 'pideh' bread.

We also had lovely onion soup, which I really hope she remembers how to make, because it'll be a big loss to anyone who actually reads this blog if she doesn't. It was awesome, and I really want to share the recipe with y'all.

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