Lazy Shrimp Stirfry

I've been a bit lazy with my food lately, going for easy- tasty things. This stirfry with shrimp took me roughly 5 minutes to make but it was lovely.

Ingredients(3 portions);
- a package of dutch shrimp
- a bag of assorted vegetables

Using a prepackaged bag is especially easy/lazy, but if you want to try this with fresh veggies, go for it! This combination of brocolli, peppers, leek, carrot and onion was very nice.

The shrimp need slightly longer than the veggies, so give them a minute before you add the rest. The natural flavour of these ingredients is already really good, so it doesn't need spices. If you want some variety though, you can hardly go wrong with any combination sparingly used. For example; curcuma, oregano, ginger, paprika, garlic and pepper.


Chris Stroud said...

Thanks for all the great recipe's, keep them coming!

Naomi said...

Thank you Chris, glad to see people actually making them!

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