Leftover Shrimp Salad

After the last post I used the leftovers for this salad. Perhaps this is a bit of a no-brainer, but who knows- It might give some inspiration to someone. It was a nice salad, no dressing needed, lovely flavours. For those just starting out on a paleo diet (or similar) this could feel like more of a real meal then the cold salads do.

With stir fry's you have to decide how big your 'leftover' is going to be before you actually cook it. Stir frying doesn't take more time than re-heating something and taste-wise it's much, much better!

- Lazy shrimp stirfry
- Mixed salad

I'm really fond of this picture! Unfortunately the quality is not so great, but it does include 2 of my most favourite kitchen items. One is that salad bowl you see, the volume is just right and it comes with a lid! The other is not so visible, a real butcher's chopping block. It's a solid piece of wood, and very usefull. Unlike the regular boards, this won't budge an inch. And it's big, I love having a lot of space :)

Anyway, enough about my kitchen, have a nice meal!


sarena said...

Love reading your blog! great recipes and pictures too! I have been trying to add more food pics to mine as well

Naomi said...

Thanks Sarena :) I always love looking at pictures..

Anonymous said...

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