Ginger Stir Fry

A while back Aaron requested a recipe using fresh ginger. Since I had actually never used fresh ginger before I had to try a couple different things before finding something I liked; a mix of white cabbage and red pepper. Unfortunately though, the picture was way too dark. This 'Red Daikon' seemed like a good time to give the ginger another shot, and why not go with something I'd tried before?

Ingredients(one portion);
- 2 'red daikon'*
- 1 red pepper, or halve a red bell pepper
- 2 ts peeled & chopped ginger
- halve a lemon
a couple olives

Start with heating up a layer of water in a frying pan. The layer should be able to half-cover your sliced daikon. Put your 'red daikon' in the water, 5 minutes on each side.
After those 10 minutes, drain the water. Add a little olive oil to the pan and stir-fry your daikon with the ginger and pepper for 3/4 minutes.
As always it's an easy recipe, so you're almost done. Just put it on a plate, squeeze some lemon juice on top. Keep a slice of lemon for decoration if you like, or eat it like I do. Serve with some meat/fish/chicken and your paleo meal is good to go :)

While eating make sure you put every ingredient in one bite, the flavours really work well together.

Thanks Aaron for giving me a bit of a challenge, really enjoying myself! There's a couple more recipes using ginger on the way, as soon as I finish fine-tuning them..

*Substitute with radish or regular daikon(aka white radish) to get pretty much the same effect. You can use white cabbage for a variation.


Marc said...

I'm going to try that.


MizFit said...

VERY nice....if youd ever wanna do a guest chef stint let me know.

it can be basic simple and doesnt even need a recipe----just yer insights.


Naomi said...

Marc, I hope you like it! you doing ok?

Mizfit- That could be fun! You sure you want my insights? :P

Marc said...

Doing great!
As you might have seen from my blog,
My best friend is going through some serious stuff. Was focused on him a little bit and had not been posting as much. I'm back though. He's home now and hopefully will start reading my blog as well as all the others I've told him about.
Heb een lekker weekend!!!!


Naomi said...

Moet je een keertje voor 'em koken Marc, dan wil ie nooit meer wat anders!