Summer Fruit Salad

- Blueberries
- Pineapple
- Strawberries
- Mango
- Banana

Who could possibly resist all the summer goodies? It's the perfect dessert and totally worth a little sugar shock. Though I recommend sharing ;)


Milenco said...

Eating stuff like that can kill you, you know that don't you?

Anonymous said...

What are your typical breakfasts?
Do post!
Love that salad! Yummm!

McD said...

I tend to dislike the blueberries in fruit salads. They just seem awkward compared to the rest of the fruit in both taste and size/texture.

Naomi said...

That's a shame Mcd, but I'll remember that.. No blueberries for Mcd, and no fruit for Milenco ;)

Anonymous, breakfast is just like any other meal of the day. Sometimes it's a salad with all the works, sometimes it's leftovers or scrambled eggs or a stew.. you get the idea ;)

Kristen said...

You can't go wrong with a beautiful fruit salad!

Naomi said...

That's right Kristen :) Thanks for stopping by! I really love your blog, one of the best on food.. Always makes me hungry though, haha.