Spinach Soup

Autumn has officially arrived. The weather is still in denial, but already there are some colder days. It's time to switch from eating salads 90% of the time to include some warmer food, like soup!
Now that the USA has had some spinach scares, it's time to give this veggie some love. Here in Holland there are beautyfull local fresh crops in the store. I'll be sharing two spinach recipes, soup today and a 'warm' salad in the next post.

Not doing any measurements today, just.. wing it.

- Spinach, a lot
- Ground beef
- Onions
- Garlic, loads
- Beef broth

Make sure you've got a good broth, full of flavour- because apart from a garlic shock you won't be adding much.
It's quite easy to make- first pretend it's a stir fry; cook the onions and beef in a bit of coconut oil or other fat. Add half the garlic and a bit later the big, big amount of spinach. When the spinach starts to decrease in volume a bit, it's time to add the broth. Throw in the rest of the garlic and let it simmer for at least half an hour.

Remember, you shouldn't reheat spinach because of the nitrates. So if you're making a big batch, just leave it simmering and share with the whole neighbourhood. Or just help yourself a couple dozen times :)


Mitch said...

This looks good. Just wanted you to know I follow your blog and love it! Having just gotten back into Paleo, your recipes are perfect for my lifestyle. (always on the go) My first venture into paleo I shed about 40 pounds! Now I just miss that feeling of energy.

Cheers from Houston Texas!

Niels said...

Hey omi, is this mom's recipe?

Naomi said...

Hiya Mitch,

Thanks for dropping a comment :) I was talking with a good friend on the phone today about that feeling of energy. Once you get used to it you just feel soo tired without it. Welcome back to the paleo, and I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay ;)

Hi Niels! It pretty much is yea, you remember it too? :) It's been a while since she made it hmm.. If you want it to taste like hers, use a broth with a lot of salt and then throw in some extra :P
You want the pumpkin soup recipe too?

Marc said...

Hi Naomi,
Yummy stuff.

On another note I made the tzatziki. It came out really really good.
I loaded it on a piece of grilled chicken and it's unbelievable!!!
Dang I love garlic ;-)

I'll share my recipe for making flank steak on the blog. Making it tonight. It's been marinating for 2 and a half days. (flankbiefstuk mischien?)


Naomi said...

That's awesome Marc :) We ought to make a garlic-fan club... or not.

Biefstuk.. mmm you're making me drool. All red inside I hope?

maguidn said...

Tried this tonight. It rocked my world. Seriously. It is ridiculously good. I might just go for my third bowl right now!

Carlito's Way said...

Loving the recipes, quite creative - simple; affordable. Plan to try the spinach soup this evening. Greetings from Colorado!!!

katty said...

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dubturbo said...

On another note I made the tzatziki. It came out really really good.

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I was talking with a good friend on the phone today about that feeling of energy. Once you get used to it you just feel so tired without it.

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