Bacon and Endive

One more for the quick and easy categorie. Bacon cubes would not be my first choice for a healthy paleo meal, but it's not to bad for your wallet, very easy to use, and very tasty indeed. Hopefully though someday I'll post all about my first choices, a list does exist in my head, and a birthday is coming up.

- 1 cup of bacon cubes
- 10 cherry tomatoes
- 1 onion
- 1 crop endive

For speedy cooking start with heating up your pan, especially if you cook on an electric plate like me. While your pan heats up and the coconut oil or whatever you use for cooking is melting, cut your onion into chunks. Toss them in the pan when you're done. Give them half a minute and then add your bacon cubes. After another minute start adding your cherry tomatoes. Simply cut them in half, shouldn't take you more than around 20 seconds. While the meat is getting done and the tomatoes are softening up, you've got plenty of time to tear your endive into little chunks. Just use your hands, it's all very therapeutic ;) At first it will look like a whole lot, but don't worry as the greens will shrink, and it will eventually look like it might actually fit in your stomach. And that's it.

There's no need to add any seasoning, because the flavour combination is great by itself. Especially if you don't normally use salt, the saltyness from the bacon will make this seem like a real treat. And don't we all love cherry tomatoes?

My thoughts keep going back to the 'perfect paleo meal', though perhaps it's easier to think of the 'perfect paleo day' instead. What would you have for breakfast? To snack? Lunch, dinner? I'm getting hungry just thinking about it.

*Note that I'm just roughly noting down the amount of ingredients- only guessing. Use what you have as it doesn't really matter.


Bas said...

What about the carcinogen sodium nitrite (preservative E250) that's almost certainly being used in the bacon, aren't you concerned about that?

Naomi said...

The bacon I use most of the time is actually only smoked and salted, but I do regularly eat olives with lots of E numbers on the ingredient list..
Honestly can't say I know a lot about how scary all that stuff really is, and until I am rich enough to avoid eating it entirely, I'd rather keep it that way.
Basically I think I eat as healthy as I possibly can, and there's no sense in worrying over things you can't really change.. I'll just have to hope that all the other things I do will sorta balance it out, y'know?