Climbing Trees

Lately I've been toying with the idea to post about some of the exercise I get. The blog was started to share some ideas, perhaps inspire.. hopefully get some tips and feedback out of it myself. Should I limit it to food-related things, or expand it to EF-related things? I would have probably kept this whole thing in my head for a while longer because I'm a bit shy and I'm absolutely not sure I'm doing anything right at all (recipes are so nice and safe)- but yesterday something happened that made me decide to go ahead and do it anyway.

Because I was expecting an important message, I set off yesterday with my running shoes on, house-keys in one hand and my phone in the other. As usual I was sprinting towards my favourite tiny patch of forest nearby, and while I was walking to catch my breath I realised I couldn't very well do the thing I love most with a phone in my hand.. So deciding to take the chance I stuffed the thing in my pocket (afterall, it had never gone wrong with my keys before) and sprinted to one of the trees I hadn't yet managed to climb into. This time I did manage! Absolutely thrilled, I continued with some of my favourite trees; There's one I practise pullups on (I can't do more than 1 yet) and another from which I can see my flat if I climb in high enough.

Phone completely forgotten I sprinted back home where I finally realised I had lost the damn thing.. (This post is part of my self-induced punishment of shame.)

So now you know about my favourite workout, probably not that shocking or original.. Right now i'm just testing the waters before I really start embarassing myself (what do I know anyway, right?)..But if anyone is interested in reading some more about workout ideas/thoughts or other EF-related things, drop a comment and I'll see where I go from there. Thanks!

hah! I haven't even started on the kitchen-related non-recipe type posts yet and here I go.. Oh well, blame it on phone-withdrawal symptoms. And no worries, it'll always be mostly about food! Check back tomorrow for some deviled eggs :)


AT22 said...

I'd love to hear about your exercises. The recipes are great! Thanks!

MizFit said...

stop by MizFit if you have a second.

we're always lamenting sharing b*tching and enjoying our workouts.

with emphasis on the third word---but we're still doing it :)


Naomi said...

thanks for the comment at22 :)

Mizfit seems like an ejoyable site M, i'll defintaly drop by more often!

Aaron Mittica said...

you do it girl. write about whatever you want. it's your blog and your ideas are great. keep them comin'!

Steve Caddy said...

Sure, clue us in. You don't need to know what you're talking about. Blog what you're doing and your progress with it and we'll both get a clear enough picture of how it's working.

The great thing about social problem solving is that when thrust together, two (or more) people who don't have answers can being to solve problems.

Plus, you'd be surprised what you know that other people haven't considered. There are millions who've never considered the playtime approach fitness... Poor suckers.

Thanks for the recipes! I found you via Robb Wolf :D

Naomi said...

Thanks for the very nice comments Aaron and Steve :)
And you're right, shouldn't let my perfectionism get in the way- because then all we get is a posting hiatus xD