Curried Cauliflower and Chicken

Maybe I need to start coming up with actual names for my recipes, because this does sound kind of lame..

Anyway, to make this quick and easy one-pan meal for two people you will need;
- half a cauliflower
- half a winter carrot
- 2 chicken breasts
- 10/15 walnuts
- curry powder (mild stuff)

Until very recently I was under the impression that curry was always a pretty mild spice, but recently I bought it somewhere else then I usually do.. Unfortunately I ended up having to throw away the food I made- The amounts of curry I normally use tasted horrible with that type.

As usual the preperation is very easy. I'm actually a pretty bad cook (don't tell anyone!), so I like to keep things simple. Dice everything, fry your chicken until nicely brown before adding the rest of the ingredients, leave that in the pan for a couple minutes, and you're done!

Tip; The leftover cauliflower and carrot are a nice snack.

PS; Wouldn't it be nice if Kelly did all the photo's from now on? Boo at this one.


Anonymous said...

great blog and great pics! thanks for the ideas. i love the colors of fresh foods.

Aaron Mittica said...

I like your blog. Can you possibly try to make something with fresh ginger in it? Would love to hear what you say.

Naomi said...

Thanks both of you :) I'll see what I can do Aaron!