Eggs with Spinach&Tomato

This is my favorite way to eat eggs. Very filling, flavourfull, colourfull, easy, fast and cheap. Only 3 ingredients used; Tomato, Spinach and 2 Eggs.

Start with the tomatoes and spinach, let them soften up a bit before you add the eggs. Keep stirring until it's all cooked, you don't want the eggs to turn brownish. Use more spinach then you think you will need, as it will shrink.

(Seems I like the spinach/tomato combination very much)


Jay C said...

Looks pretty yummy. I'm cooking Heart, Tongue this weekend.
Grassfed of course.
Enjoy your blog, have linked on mine.

Naomi said...

Cheers Jay :) I haven't been quite bold enough to try a tongue myself.. maybe some day. Hope it tasted good!

englebt said...

I have a similar recipe, but instead of tomato, I use onion and mushroom.

Start with sliced (or diced, but I like the long skinny pieces) onion, sautee with coconut oil. When the onion is about half clear (not quite done) add sliced mushroom, spinach, and spice it up with a little cumin. While that's cooking, beat 2-4 eggs (2 eggs per serving) along with some cilantro and cayenne pepper. Sautee vegetables until the onions are clear, the mushrooms are soft, and the spinach is wilted (the onions take longer, which is why I add them first). Add the eggs, cook until done.

Naomi said...

Didn't spot your post until today Englebt, glad I did now though.
Interesting use of spices you've got there, I will definately check that out :) Thanks!

Anonymous said...

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