Turmeric and Zucchini

Though I haven't quite managed to convince my brother he should give paleo and evo fitness a shot, he did give me a very good recipe tip. It's great that it only uses 3 ingredients, but what's even better is that one of them is a spice I hadn't used before. I'll take any excuse to buy new spices and so should you ;)

Ingredients ;
- lean beef
- zucchini
- turmeric
Use twice as much zucchini than you do beef, and be generous with the curcuma.

Start by cutting up your beef and zucchini in bite-sized cubes. Grab a frying pan, and heat up some coconut oil*. Brown the meat first (+/- 5 min), then add your zucchini. Count to 60 and then spice it up with the turmeric. Give it 2 more minutes and you're ready to eat!

*I've just realised that I've never before mentioned that I always cook in coconut oil. It's one of those things that just Need to be in your house if you want to follow any sort of low carb or evolution based diet. The price might scare you, but you don't go through it very fast. So it's actually not at all bad.


Niels said...

Hah, glad you enjoyed it omi :)

Naomi said...

I'm totally regretting waiting so long to make it Niels, it was really good. Love that it still tastes awesome re-heated. Why did you get all the cooking talent eh? ;)

Thanks (K)

Tony said...

I love olive oil

Naomi said...

So do I, for salads! But check out this link to read about why you shouldn't cook with it.

Niels said...

Btw omi, I just realised you forgot the ginger. Makes it a lot better imo. Be generous with both the curcuma and the ginger(powder) ;)

Naomi said...

hmm, oops! even better? So when are you inviting me over for dinner? :P

AT22 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Naomi said...

That comment was deleted, but I still got it in my mailbox- So I'll address the issue anyway. Someone asked what a gourgette is, so I think I've made another pretty silly translation error. Changing it all to zucchini now.
I've also found out that curcuma isn't the right translation thanks to Scott from modern forager, so I'll change that too.
How many mistakes can you heap onto one post eh?

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