Shish Kabob

Before I read about intermittent fasting* and other things on Prof. DeVany's website, packing food was an absolute disaster for me. Some days I am away from home at 6 in the morning and don't return 'till midnight. That's a lot of food to pack if you believe the whole '6 meals a day' thing. I actually always brought a second bag just for food...
So if you're having problems with long days away from home, first just stop eating so damn often and then apply some IF.

Unfortunately, we can't skip lunch everyday. I have 2 criteria for a good packed paleo lunch;
  • Easy to eat, 1 piece of cutlery max.
  • When you're done eating, it shouldn't still take up space.
That last one was added when I just got SO sick and tired of carrying tupperware around with me. I still do it sometimes for a good salad, but it's definately limited.

And that's where the shish kabob comes in- all your protein and veggies on one stick. No cutlery required for eating and as an added bonus, people will just think you're finishing leftovers instead of thinking you're a crazy healthfreak ;) Wrap it in some tin foil, et voila.

Ofcourse that's not nearly enough to fill you up. Another no-tupperware required option is the brown bag 'o veggies. As you can see in the photo below, I just cut up anything that's lying around. A few personal favorites though; bell pepper+pak choi stems, carrots+chinese cabbage and fennel+radish. (I passionately hate celery sticks.)

When you've finished, you can throw away the tin foil, but I always save the brown bag for later use in some desperate attempt to make up for my not so very environment friendly tinfoil use.

This lunch combo allows for a lot of variation. I'm usually a bit boring with my shish kabob, but I might make up something especially tasty and post it here later.
Incase you can't tell from the photo, this particular one was made with zucchini, bell pepper (both raw) and grilled chicken.

*I thought about adding some links, but I can't pick. So just google it if you're not already familiar with IF. Trust me, it's worth your time.


sarena said...

Havent made shish-kebobs in a while!! Thanks for the reminder.

I love this IF site:

Naomi said...

Oh I remember that article, it's good! Thanks for the link Sarena :)

sarena said...

My pleasure and yeah, shout out to ya on my blog today too!!

Naomi said...

Aw, that's cool! Glad I managed to inspire ;)

Jeff Erno said...

Great lunch idea. I get annoyed with the tupperware toting as well. I use the semi-disposable kind, but still really annoying. Your tips will surely simplify things.

My wife and I have had really good results with Evo Fitness and the Paleo diet. I just recently started doing IF as well, fasting for 24 hour periods 1-2 times a week randomly. I really like it.

Thanks again for the tips. I am a subscriber to your blog now and look forward to more recipes and tips.


Naomi said...

There is a semi-disposable tupperware kind? Very curious now, what is "semi" disposable anyway? :)

Glad to have you around Jeff! Hope the results will continue to be good, and IF can only add to that.

Jeff Erno said...

Glad and other companies make them. The plastic is thinner then standard tupperware. You get about 5 for the price of one standard. The cost is enough to bring them home usually, but not enough to worry about for bringing something to a party, etc. Pretty good stuff.

Naomi said...

Oh I see, thanks for the info :)