Hayfever and motivation

After eating a bit too much icecream in the summer last year, I wanted to get rid of the extra weight I put on. (Most people need to lose the winter weight, but with me it was the summer weight.) I'd always been very anti-diet, but when a friend loaned me his copy of prof. Cordain's book, I was intrigued. It just made sense to me.. So I gave it a shot.
Although I made a lot of mistakes* in those first few months, there were still a lot of good things happening. So even when I lost the weight I wanted, I was thrilled so much by the other 'side-effects' that I started considering to do this for the rest of my life.

One of those things was that my hayfever symptoms just completely packed their bags and went away. My symptoms have never been as bad as some stories I've heard, but still bad enough that it's pretty darn fucking awesome to be rid of it. I was actually so used to sneezing all the time, breathing through my mouth and just always leaving a big pile of tissues everywhere I went that I thought it was normal.
First I didn't even believe it was related. A lot of testing was done. You know, eat something- see what happens. But now almost 10 months later I'm 99% sure that eating the paleo way eliminates my hayfever symptoms, and probably also other mild allergy symptoms I might have. In fact, I almost start sneezing the moment I look at a slice of bread ;)

So anytime temptation rises, I ask myself.. is this worth a whole day of sneezing? Honestly sometimes the answer is yes, but most of the time- no way.

*I lived on fruit and nuts for a while and more stupid shit like that, a story for another time ;)


Marc said...

Interesting stuff.
I had terrible hayfever from ages 16 to 21, then I stopped eating sugar. (I LIVED on candy)
I never had hayfever again. Like I said, interesting stuff

Anonymous said...

I never connected it, but since I have been making me eating more Paleo my nose hasn't been running and I don't get stuffed up at night.

Anonymous said...

Naomi, could you please post a few of your weekday lunches if you pack them to school?
Thanks and congrats on not having to deal with hayfever anymore!

Naomi said...

Interesting indeed :) There is some stuff on the net explaining how and why this happens, if you want i'll dig it up for you.

And sure, packed lunch post comin' right up.